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Brandon just let me know he'll be moving out.  It's been pretty much close to heaven having a roommate who's barely here, so I'm sure gonna miss that.  I have that same combination of trepidation and excitement that I always get when a roommate moves out, and I go on the hunt for a new one.  Could it be someone fun who I'll hang out with?  Will it be someone chill who's easy to live with?  Or will it be a nightmare roomie?  It's a gamble despite one's best efforts, but time to gear up.  And that includes the usual top to bottom cleaning of Casa Fiesta.  This'll be the fifth roommate in my nearly five years of living here.


Have you ever known someone who's such a saint that they totally make you feel like a piece of shit?


I was watching "The Goonies" the other day, and noticed how many times they use my least favorite phrase: you guys.  And it's derivative: guys.  Never bothered me back in '85 when I first saw it.


When is the last time you saw a pay phone?

Uploaded 06/03/2010
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