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The Ultimate Bad Driver


Bad Drivers. We all know one, we see them everyday on the road, we may even be one. But theres more to being a bad driver than people give thought to. Just because you can accelerate and steer doesn't make you a good driver. Now I've been driving for a while, so here are my observations of a truly bad driver. Let the cusswords and fingerpointing commence.

1) The number 1 thing that pisses me off is the use of the fast lane. FAST lane. Its called such for a fucking reason. If you are in the fast lane going 65 mph, move over, there are other lanes where you can be a goody-fucking two shoes and follow the law.

Im gonna keep this fast lane thing going

2) If you're in the fast lane going 65, and see me approaching you very fast, don't continue being a complete dick then look at me tailgating you in your rear view mirror.... GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY. I don't give a fuck if you don't want to go as fast as me, just move over to the next lane.

3) During commute times, the freeway can get congested. Usually the fast lane is less congested because (no shit..) cars are going faster. If you plan on going 55 in the fast lane because you don't want to speed, yet you want to avoid the clusterfuck of cars in other lanes, you have to pick one. Either sit like a dumbfuck in the traffic, or SPEED THE FUCK UP.

4) Sometimes i'll be on the freeway when there is minimal traffic, and i'd be going 75-80 in the fast lane, and there will be someone on the lane to my right going about 60. A lot of the time, that person will move on over to my lane and get in front of me. What fucking purpose does this provide? You were doing perfectly fine in that lane. Stay in that lane. Its unneccesary to get me pissed off, make me switch lanes, pass you, flip you off, then go back into the fast lane.

5) When another car and I are at a stop sign, I usually sign them off to go ahead. If I do that, FUCKING GO. Don't stand there and motion me to go, I don't want to have a fucking debate on who should go first.

6) If we're at a stop sign and you motion me to go, I am going to take this seriously, and go. Don't motion me to go, then lurch your car forward. Why the fuck did you tell me to go then? Did you expect me to think you were joking or something and wait til you go? Fuck you.

Part II to follow shortly...

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