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Oil schpeels


One of my most favorite words which I rarely get the chance to use is "churlish".  It means vulgar, surly, or intractable, and sounds like your about to spit a loogie at someone.


There was a meeting where a contract was being negotiated, and this one woman said to the other party, "There is a solution for your chronic unhappiness."  I so want to use that phrase in real life some time.


Deodorant may cover up the stench of your sweat, but how can it possibly be good for your underarm pit skin?  Especially if you're putting it on everyday?  I mean, it's not like a lotion that absorbs into your skin and moisturizes it.  It's something that covers up a smell.  You don't spritz perfume up your bum after pinching off a loaf, so where did we get to this practice of applying deodorant every bloody day?

mkayboi Uploaded 06/08/2010
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