Getting paid to get a blowjob?

So my friend had told me he was wondering what it felt like to give a blowjob. Obviously he's a guy and so am. Now I was really hesitant because I don't believe I'm gay. In no way have I ever been turned on by him or any other guy. Of course, if I am, I would have no problem with it. Anyway, he was so anxious to do it he paid me $100. Well I did it because of course I was getting paid and pleasure. I had a hard time getting it up cause I was not turned on at all. I had no problem doing it with my exes, though. Now He wants to do it again and he said he'd pay me again. My question is this: Should I do it again or not? And if so, would that really label me as "Gay". It is a label afterall, but I'm getting paid for it and thats why I'm doing it. It's a win-win for me. So what do you think?

Uploaded 06/09/2010
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