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Brought my comp in, cause it wouldn't reboot. Was told it lost a file called run 32 dll. Some viruses was on it so they said they removed then as well. Total bill $56.00.

After reconnecting my comp, it has a new operating system, Windows 7. WTF? My son did all the plug ins except the sound. Im about to plug it in but the jack was in a different spot. WTH? Is this even my comp? Same wine stains, so it must be. I decided to look inside and it's completely rebuilt. New motherboard, hard drive, sound card, RAM, power supply, everthing but the case all brand new. I bought my original comp about 7 years ago so this is quite the upgrade. Graphics and sound has improved significantly and I now have the latest and greatest.

There are some problems with this however, like all my business documentation is gone, and all the music I downloaded will have to be redone. Of course the moral question. should I keep the new system as payment for the loss of all my data. Another problem is Windows 7 doesn't seem to be genuine.

I can live without the data because I have hard copy, and I can rebuild my library, reinstall all the software, but what about the moral question?


Letemdangle Uploaded 06/23/2010
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