Im going to murder employees at Starubucks

   So i wrote a blog in the past titled Starbucks Fan Blues today i am feeling those blues again. And i will never go to starbucks again. The reason i say this is because starbucks usto close at 1pm and i said thats retarded but i got usto it and it was in my daily routine. So i go there today at 12:24 only to find it closed. I walk up to the front desk of the hotel and ask why is starbucks closed, the woman at the front dest hates her job i can tell she has one of those smug fuck u faces on her just saying don't talk to me im just here for the money. She responds by saying ohh it closes at 12 now. Now this pisses me off and she can tell and a slight smile crosses her face and that just gets me pissed the fuck off. So i have came to the conclusion that im going to kill the people in that Starbucks.

Uploaded 06/30/2010
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