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Whats youre priority in life? If you had to give up everything except for the one thing you know and love what would that one thing be? For some its money, some its their xbox or world of warcraft, and for some like me its family. I think we all need to reevaluate whats important in life. What really makes us tick. If you had to give up it all, what would you miss the most? What would you cry over? Im not going to bring God into this. We all have a God no matter who we are. We all worship something, be it a god, money, government. This is what we turn to for most moral decisions. Im not talking about this at all, because normally we would give this up without hesitation. The deference here is what would pain you the most to see go away. If its something that you know deep inside that shouldnt be important; xbox, world of warcraft, tv, then maybe its time to take a break from it.

Frogbob Uploaded 07/01/2010
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