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Ebaums Premium...


I've got an idea that will help ebaums make some more money, while giving users a better ebaums experience.


For a weekly, monthly, yearly fee users can make their accounts Premium accounts. What we would get would be along the lines of:


Ad free browsing of the website.

15 seconds in between comment posting opposed to 30

More ereps... either free one's each day you log in, or more when browsing the site, commenting, and uploading.

The ability to add HTML to your profile. (Adding images, bold text, etc... just like the mods can)

All uploaded material or premium users sent to a specific moderator who will review it for feature potential.... which is better than asking specific mods, or hoping a mod will stumble upon your content while they're online.

Larger Upload capacities... meaning larger avatar files, picture/video uploads, etc.

Coloured text and emoticons for comments and messages.

More erep prize options.....


I think it's a good idea - your thoughts?


Tyaeda Uploaded 07/09/2010
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