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Google Chrome VS Firefox


This is not a blog per se and I didn't use the forum or chat because the fuck wads in those venues want nothing more than to tell you  you're gay or to suck their dicks (guess this is turning into a blog)

Back to business:

Iam thinking of changing from Firefox to Google Chrome and was wondering if anyone out there had Chrome and what their opinion was?

I've done some research on it and they both are open sourced  and Chrome's developers even thank Mozilla for inspiration and input.

So has anyone used it? Is it as fast as Firefox? Does it have an Adbloock feature? Does it have all those wonderful Addons? Well you get the gist of it.

Why don't i just download it and try it out? I could do that but was looking for a little input before I went through  the hassle of doing that then un-installing if dissatisfied.

any input would be appreciated.




Majorfathead Uploaded 07/11/2010
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