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I can drink in uuurrr country now!


... not that I would or anything... not a fan of the states...



but yeah!  I'm 21 today... woot?


I'm going to go see that inception movie that comes out today, tonight.  Go out for dinner before hand,  and hopefully get really fucking baked before I do.  If you wanna know what the movie was like I'll comment tomorrow about it.  I hear it's good... better than the matrix according to the local newspaper...

I haven't been able to get a hold of my dealer today... mutherfucker...   I loaned him $40 bucks the other day, and he hasn't been able to get any weed for me since.... usually if I come over there with $60 he'll drop whatever he's doing to make sure I have weed, even if he none of his own to sell me.  I hate people sometimes.... he's dicking me around, as if I haven't the foggest clue.... just a coinsedence right?


Tyaeda Uploaded 07/16/2010
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