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blog 7


i missed out blog 6 cuz sum1 sed they wdnt reed it if it wsnt a prime number.


i c blogs on the blog page n fink um i dnt wanna reed that blog, so i dnt. this meens u shdnt reed it if ur gna av a lil cry bowt it n all that.


i mayd the mistayk of clickin on a serten sum1s blogs nd wow she sux.


i want to knw wat flamin is n wat is a troll. sum1 xplayn this 2 me plz.

and finally...

duz god eggsist? i dunt fink she duz. its all bowt the aliens reely. fink bowt it, them ejipshuns with ther triangle houses. was it all slayvs or aliens? hirogliffics evan depict spaceships and funi lookn guis.


peace and love, N0_U.



N0_U Uploaded 07/22/2010
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