No Blog Today.

In order to end the concern, that my everyday blogging is annoying, I have decided not to write a blog today. I realize writing blogs may be habit setting and might cause me to slip down a slippery slope towards more serious writing. This will not be tolerated, and will cease immediately. But for the few who enjoy my blogs I will write one tomorrow and you must be patient until then.

For those who hate reading my blogs, tonight I give you a break. You will not have to force yourself through boring ill conceived scripted swill. A night of rest for the high brow, upper crust, gluttons of blog.

Perhaps one day in the near future, with the help of all the greats, and under the loving and approving deity of Straightjacketgirl, my blogs will continue everyday, and the people will rush home to see what new great blog I have conceived? Until then, and until tomorrow I have nothing to blog this sad and lonely night.

See you all in Blogtown, another night!

Uploaded 07/28/2010
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