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I oppose any form of violence done in the name of the Pro-Life cause.  I believe the very term "Pro-Life" is the antithesis of violence.  As a Christian, I am called to abhor the sin of abortion, yet to love all of God's people.   This is not a love that overlooks wrong.  Rather, it recognizes the worth of every individual.  Christ died for the born and the unborn alike.  If we offer violence and hatred, how are we any different than the rest of the world?  If we can offer the love of Christ instead, then we give our "enemies" a glimpse of God.Shouldn't we all take a strong stand against abortion?  Yes, that is absolutely my belief! And to Pro-Lifers around the country, the violence at abortion clinics - the bombings and shootings - is sickening. Yet, that violence no more negates the moral wrong of abortion occuring inside those clinics than the violence of the Civil War negated the moral wrong of slavery. As long as innocent human beings are being legally killed in this nation, the Pro-Life movement will fight for their right to life - and I will do it without violence.

ravensong Uploaded 07/30/2010
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