Too Cool Queenie

Well hello all you weekenders, It is me again, Yank. Just seeing how you all are doing on this pleasant evening. I hope all is well and you're enjoying yourself on this saturday night/sun morning.


I myself is listening to music, enjoying my whiskey. Just a good laid back night for me, the night isn't humid which is always a plus, and all my windows are open. That way all my neighbors can hear my music and enjoy it, just like me!


Don't worry, I'm not gonna make a dumb blog like that other kid about " fuck you..." which is stupid because it's a waste of our bloggers time...amirite? I mean you read the title and already know it's pure horse shit. I think my blogs are okay anyway, I speak what I feel, put a little humor in it, and make it fools gold.


Anyway, just wanted to blog alittle and I have, so I will leave you all to your thoughts and dreams. I thank you all for reading again and have a great night/weekend.


- Yank

Uploaded 08/01/2010
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