refresher course

rules for blogging

1. no spamming unless it's to a shock site., for instance


2. copy pasta if you want. everything is recycled, anyway.


3. give people shit if you want, but try to write a deceptive title and try to not let anyone know you will be doing so by writing a paragraph of something kind of relating to the title.


4. grammar and spelling doesn't make for an interesting blog and if the people reading your blog are too dumb to work out what you mean, thats their problem. 1337 is a waste of time, bt f u wna spl lyk dis, den do so.


5. what some people concider appropiate for the blog section, others won't. basically, write what you like and let the cunts flag you.


6. if your blog is in 8 parts, be sure to post one straight after the other.


7. it appears it's ok to write blogs with the topic of abusing men. amirite, fathead?


what else? do you think i give a fuck if you disagree with any of these?

Uploaded 08/01/2010
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