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I am propoasing that we all go on strike from uploading content in this websight. I no many of u guise had hundreds of thausends of ereps and even milliens of them and wiffout warning they meen nothing. NOTHING!! Just a stupet status. Well I say status shmatus. i want the ereps two be worth something agein and i want the ppl in charge hear to acktually send out the prizes. Without the peopel of this websight uploading videos, ebw wuld be nothing!

Spread the word (and ur legs if ur a women) that we r on strike of uploading content until the ereps r mein currensy agein or they give us the ecksact number of eBones that we has as ereps. Im not starting over. I want my 106,000 eBones nao. and im shure the ones who has way more want there millions of eBones.


tl;dr dont upload content, we want ereps too be worth to claim prizes agein.

Gerald69 Uploaded 08/06/2010
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