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Little Miss Sunshine


I decided to make Little Miss Sunshine my avatar for the time being.

The movie was funny, original, had some awesome actors and the sound track was hauntingly fitting and familiar but mostly original.

I love originality and feel alive with the awkwardness of the film. The T2 VW minibus was an added bonus.

I really enjoyed Little Miss Sunshine's burlesque dance as it was totally innocent in her mind but totally sexually twisted in most adult minds as they dressed up their prepubescent daughters in slutty costumes.

At the end of the performance a lone man in biker's leather gives a standing ovation, for some reason I see him as Rednote, as the only member of the audience who recognizes the sweet brilliance of the performance.

I hope most of you out there have seen this film, if you haven't minus 100k Ebones! Whatever those are!

Letemdangle Uploaded 08/07/2010
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