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the guide to easy e-stardom


How to get e-star status quickly? Very simple. First you have to be a complete faggot. Second, you have to create new account. The account name must follow a certain formula IE "mrlittlejeans" and"mrsquirtlejeans". The name must involve both "mr" and"jeans" with a supposedly witty adjective/noun/adverb/pronoun inserted between. mrdoctorjeans, mrfootballjeans,mrrosieodonelljeans, mrcumstainedjeans, I think you get the point by now. You must then take the portrait of that mutated cat with fucked up teeth and photoshop something onto it(for example, a stethoscope, or football helmet) to fit the relevancy of your username. Last step is to start making random comments about gay sex and acting like an 10 year old buffoon that hasn't sprouted one hair on his pre-pubescent scrotum

stewbaker Uploaded 08/09/2010
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