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Overturning Prop 8


I'm not anti-gay, I think they have every right to get married and be just as miserable as the rest of us, but this is not the way to make it accepted.  The people voted twice on the matter, coming to the exact same desicion both times (making the second vote redundant).  Then this judge comes along and basically gives the people the finger, and informs them that their votes mean jack, and he makes the desicions around there.  And once again, the favorite phrase of the corrupt politician is thrown out: Unconstitutional.  Someone please point out where it says ANYTHING in the constitution about a man's preferance to smoke pole, or a woman's to munch rug?  This jack-ass has no place to make the desicion himself, even after the people voted on it.

Like I said, I am for gay marriage, but it cannot be done in this manner.

RBEO Uploaded 08/09/2010
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