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the reason i pwn yall


do i really need to tell u y?


honestly, really?


i is sure u can figure it out for urself.


rite? rite!


i dnt bovar typin a lot of text that easily bores u all.


i just type a lil and keep it short n sweet just like my peenus


wot mayks me laff is that u fink im dum n that. i am not dum


u fink immma troll


im not a troll


i saw tyaeda's attempt of writing a pointless blog


she failed and promptly deleted it


writin blogs lyk this duznt tayk much to do, but when u fucktards, yeah! i said fucktards! try to do it, u fall face down.


dnt h8 me 4 doin wat i do, its btr than talkin bout religeon n shit like that or sum bs bout hw u hate ur job.


i no u tayk pride in your word structure and all that, yet u dnt seem to realize that ur blogs r borin as dog shit.


the main bloggers no im rite n they will try 2 put me dwn and believe i will stop writing blogs. won't happen.


peace, love, N0_U

N0_U Uploaded 08/10/2010
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