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Encephalo flatulence volume 1


It hit hit brain style, of course and naming one of those things that dangles, not like from flies ass but when he fucked me if felt like razors. commiting suicide is my favorite past time alex trebec said it was the banana fever but i got radiation so it cleared right up. lets make things nakeder so the lights can get turned out cus your all to fat. one time i saw a peanut getting eaten by a mouse and it were cute. lets just cut the thing in half and eat it anyways, one two two three three three four four four and cat cat spray bottle thats my song and the brains on fire, its like there is teeh or something in there, chewing chewing chewing makes the day grow longer i ate my tounge before it grew bacl lets be fine divine in the ass in the grass in the car at the bar i dont wanna go out im too high to stay stay stayin alive with you fags this time on the elevator it seemed like the world was falling and i was terrible upset but guess what i forgot i was on an elevator. please dont go to bed in my restuaraunt, that is what i said please dont go to bed. i grew a white beard overnigh, no i didnt, its just bubbles that dog has the biggest dick oh that gross at least im not into beasteology,,,,, yet.

Encephalopod Uploaded 08/11/2010
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