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space shell and the peanut glans


astrally speaking, if you have enough precum ,any hole is worth exploring, my friend stochy rottencrouch once said she had taken the voyage deep into the abyss to discover there were magical things a man could experience that would astound and amaze him, i think we are all more alike than different, and if god permits spelunking into the forbidden caves by giving us the right tools and the knowledge to do so, then it must be a holy experience, and since we know it can lift your spirits right out without even touching your sacredness , it has to be a thing that was more like a gift to man . men are superior and can do more things than women so i think that a real man should enjoy the pain of sodomy, and even come to enjoy ,even love it, women are for procreation, cleaning,and milk.  men are for fucking. remember that jesus says only a real man can enjoy the pain of sodomy, so partake my children of your holy gift, do not take the lords great work in vein by not getting sodomized at least weekly, remember it will hurt the first time, or if your man/ dildo girl doesnt know to be gentle or what they are doing, it helps to be fucked by a guy who likes to get fucked, he can be much more caring and experienced which will lead to a prostrate orgasm, something that really blow's a guys mind the first time he has one, arguably the only true male orgasm, much like the first time a woman experiences a true orgasm, instead of a clitoral climax, nevertheless it will hurt at first like any virginity does when it is pillaged by a drunken stepfather or an ill fitting bicycle seat, but after that you will most certainly like getting fucked in the ass. jesus did,and so does the pope. if your not gay get a chick to do it, you wont regret it, please dont waste your time not treating your body like an amusement park, if you are scared try a pinky or just the tip to see how it feels situation.

Encephalopod Uploaded 08/12/2010
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Tags: sodomy


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