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Unnerving Thoughts


 I don't mean to preach; I don't want to change your beliefs; I don't seek to replace your faith with my ideas.

These are simply my ideas. Feel free to take or leave them as you please.


Like a Rolling Stone


Do you believe in Free Will? I don't.

When I look at people -- what they do, how they act, what they say, feel, think, and believe, I don't see the same thing you may. I see systems of matter and energy responding to their environment; I see machines.

If you were to roll a rock down a hill, you could predict where it would land. The rock has no control over where it is going because it did not put itself in motion in the first place. Take this into the context of your own existence. Did you create yourself? Did you set your own existence into motion? Of course not. By now, you may be wanting to tell me, "BFP, that's a stretch. Rocks aren't conscious; people are." Yes, that is true, but you have to ask "What is consciousness?" Consciousness is simply the state of being aware. You are conscious, so you are aware that you are rolling down a hill. "Doesn't being aware of my own existence give me the power to affect it?" No, it does not. Every thought you've ever had, every word you've ever said, every thing you've ever done, were the products of your genetics and your environment. (The type of rock you are, what rocks have bumped into you, how steep your hill is.) No two people are completely alike. No two will have the same exact genetics and will live a life of the same exact experiences. Therefore, no two rocks will end up in the exact same place.


The Science of Miracles


"Miracles" are events of extraordinary statistical improbability happening to an individual or group. We witness something like this on a regular basis when a person wins the lottery. If we go by statistical improbability, the chances of that individual winning the lottery would be the same as those of miracles. However, it is no miracle that the lottery is won, is it? When a person experiences a "miracle", they tend to believe that it is from the divine or unexplainable, since it was so unlikely for it to happen them. It was unlikely that it would happen to them, sure, but it was equally as unlikely it would happen to anyone else, it was a sure thing it would happen to someone, however. Once again, I want you to take this into the context of human existence.

The Universe, which is so mind-bendingly large, so large that it has no definable end, so large that the amount of stars in it are greater than the grains of sand on Earth, has a phenomena which happens inside it called Life, self-sustaining systems of matter and energy. Now, when you look at Earth, you see complex life, higher organisms which are able to comprehend their own existence. Of course, I speak of us, humans. Since we've been aware of our own existence, we've wondered why we exist. There is no real answer to this. Asking why we exist is akin to asking why a person won the lottery. It was a mathematical certainty that it would happen somewhere in this  infinitly large universe.


That's really it.





Some will argue that because we are aware of our own existence, the course of our existence changes. "The act of observation disturbs the observed." This is true, but your mind is still reacting on what it observes: itself. Itself still being a product of genetics and environment.

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