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EBW user vid


I just watched the EBW user vid and I had a couple of thoughts.

First thanks to MemphisT56 for compiling it, putting faces to the names I have been seeing around here for a year was kinda cool. Second I almost shit my pants when I saw that a few were indeed filmed in (apparently) basements.

Well with that being said, the vids made me wonder what the origins of the user names were.

I'll Start:

My username came about from my ex Terri. We met in the Army and whenever she was angry at me she would salute me, at first I thought she was just sarcastically acquiescing to my wishes (which as it turns out she was) until I finally asked her why all the saluting? She said when I pissed her off I was such a Major Fathead she just had to salute me, that made me laugh so hard I never forgot and when I came here it seemed like a no brainer.

That's my story, what's yours?




Majorfathead Uploaded 08/13/2010
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