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Encephalo flatulence volume 2 ebw dicks i would suck


ok, since i reviwed the ebw user video, there are several ammendments to my list of who's dicks i would suck here. since i dont want some ugly stoopid person thinking i would suck his dick. keepin it reasl.



2Hcrapnet or whatever yes

adsomething- no 

bagsofmilk- yes

bigsamboy- WOOF!


clerk kunt - no one will so....

deax- WOOF !

doch- sure why not

dontshoottk- if it would fit?

dreado8- donno all i saw was eyes could be a girl

me- already do

eyelok. ok

frankylkvereiury - yes

gamble77 would be up on mine. what a fag

frundlejoose- ummmmmm

i'llshowyougay- i'm waiting......

kitty whip , sure whatever dude 

hakik. no but i suck his BLUNT

hrfrk is too young. ask again in 6 years

macdreidle. of course who wouldnt

mcnugg3t- of course bruh

memphist56- k bring ur b-ball buddies too

Mikehockuslong- yes master

mikeismatt- ok

misstawpa- MEOW! 

mrsquertlejeans- ::cuddles ans tunas::

nyank- i have some candy for you, get in my car

pepperpeanut- reach around and we'll talk

printroomdan- as sure as boxty on the griddle

ptxprimus- your avatar is misleading. your not Jon Goodman

sailordad:: no

seanreevesdude- who?

shoofy- yes

strfukertyh- no

steevo- what was i just talking about, oh yah, yah bro.

superskull - yes

syrus- 500 bucks

thenaxx- no

trizzy- no

tiaga- sure dude

ugdork- yes papi

usedcrmn- yes

userwtevr ??


so there you have it, keep in mind that blah blah blah and whatever faggit . and no homo but yeah, and stuff. you wish some nigger was that hard up on you candy negro. nigga pls.







Encephalopod Uploaded 08/13/2010
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