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The "I" Illusion


Man is a curious creature. It wonders about anything and everything, always asking 'why?'. Time and time again this sense of wonder has lead man to an answer it is able to comprehend. The answer does not have to be right, it simply has to be understood.

There is no real scientific ground for the "self", the "I". Most of us attribute "I" to that voice inside our head. The one that reads our thoughts. The idea of an intangible force that is separate from the universe, yet still able to have an affect on it, is somewhat ridiculous. One must really understand what this voice is. This is your brain being aware of its own thought process. It is now aware of itself existing. It is self-aware. Humans are not the only species to be self-aware. Dolphins are also capable of this feat in consciousness. When a Dolphin gazes at its reflection, it sees itself. Unlike other animals which can confuse it for being another animal. These animals have no idea what they are looking at because their brain has no idea of itself.

Next comes basic reasoning. Humans, like other animals, are capable of problem solving. So, since man can "think", it must know why it can "think". Before the introduction of the scientific method, humans would come up with the most ridiculous solutions for now explainable phenomena. Their ideas made sense to them, of course, but they did not have the discoveries we take for granted today. Same could be said for the idea of the "self". Humans had no concept of ideas such as physics, chemical reactions, Chaos Theory, etc. when their solution to "why can I think" was thought up. The answer was merely the feeble attempt of an ignorant creature trying to comprehend its own existence.



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