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wun day i wnt 2 b a riter. til den il rite stoopid blogs no1 givs a shit bowt. wen will i will i b famouse


his naym was brad n he lyk likkd his bosses ass' 4 dis promoshun n stuff. bt lyk dis other dood caym hu ddnt knw shit and gt da job. aint lyf a bitch


den dis paper boy gt his newpaper wet n lyk brad cryd n stuff. da only plase der was a pudl n dat cunt hits it. 2 mayk fings wurse dat littl scrot is bangin his jailbait dorter.


lyf screws u ova n then sum punk screws ur dorta. gr8 story. imma b sendin dis 2 der publeeshers


N0_U synin owt




N0_U Uploaded 08/22/2010
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