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smokin rollies n drinkin cheep alcohol


sat eya smokin rollies and drinkin cheep alcohol. rollin all day n nyt gtn drunk on cheep lager. it gets u fkd so ye its all gud n shit


i had dis pm msg frum dis ediot i fink he dnt lyk me much. n da anser 2 ur kwestshun is no.


if u aint got no e's wat a fkn shmae. hu wants sum. u do?


the devil taykin u he tayk u 2 da sea but i dnt care cuz im fkd up on ma e


Stick me fingah in vagina.................that give me a little giggle, coming down heavey like a sack of spuds.


One finger of fudge is just enough to give the girls a treat


An girl, when she take-a-drink she say, Cluk, Cluk, Cluk


When Me a Go To KFC Me Say Give Me 5 Chicken Wings Fried Hard Nigga, and Don't Be Feedin Me No White Bits!

N0_U Uploaded 08/26/2010
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