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A Brave New World Indeed


    Humanity is hurdling toward self-induced collapse, because our society is broken; it is flawed. Sustainability is about efficiency and efficiency is not something humans are overly fond of when it is offered at the cost of sacrifice. Yet progress takes sacrifice. If we are to move forward as a species, we can not continue to be comfortable with the status quo of our existence. Our past still clings to the present, holding us back, and we do little to free ourselves from its hindering grasp. The ills of the world all have their roots in human nature, so we must change human nature. We must become something... else: something stronger, something smarter, something kinder, something better.

We must evolve.

    A common misconception about evolution is that, when it is an organism adapting to its environment, the best possible solution is produced. This is not true. Evolution produces an organism that is just good enough to survive and reproduce. We, as humans, have the ability to adapt our environment to our needs, which means our evolution is our responsibilty. It is a cycle that we have the ability to turn, but refuse to. It is our duty as a species to not only create a better world for our offspring, but create better offspring for our world.

   Humans so arrogantly proclaim that we are special, that we are important, that we do not to be changed, that our faults make us who we are as individuals. That we, the feeble results of evolution, do not need to be improved. Is the idea of creating a world of intelligent, athletic, charismatic individuals free of birth-defects so deplorable that we have cast it into our cesspool of perceived impossibilities?

   We claim to be above the acts of selective breeding. Selective breeding implies that humans are no different than any other animal capable of experiencing microevolution. This is unfounded and false. It is our arrogance and ignorance that make the claim that we are above the laws of nature.

   Biologically, a human today is little different than a human 10,000 years ago. Humans have not changed at all, only our environment has. We are still violent, we are still short-sighted, we are still idiotic. Since the industrial and medical revolutions, human life has been prolonged significantly, and our population has effictively multiplied beyond stable requirements, like any organism which lacks a natural predator. Humans have proved that they are incapable of controlling themselves when it comes to reproducing. The genetically inferior multiply on a much grander scale than those of greater genetic value, and our environment is crumbling due to that instability of population.

  Unemployment is due to the abundance of humans rather than the lack of jobs. The rate of consumption of our planet's resources is severly below acceptable standards. The quality of our goods, food, and arts are effectively diluted to make them more accessible to more people.  The market expands according to the population, and the wealth and resources amongst the general population will wear thin because of this. We must fix the rate at which we consume as well as the number of people consuming.

 I propose a solution.

   A society where people are unable to have children on their own. Instead, their genetic worth is assessed and their sperm/eggs are sent to state-run breeding facilities. Those of higher genetic worth will be bred in increased rates than those of lower genetic worth at stable rates to reduce the size of the human population as a whole. The children are raised and educated by the state until the age where humans stop developing (20 years old), but not secluded from the rest of the world. They are free to have their own experiences as soon as they are of age. There are no people born into privilege, there are no people farther from the starting line than anyone else. People get by strictly by their own merits. Equal opportunity for all. Over time, the human population will drop significantly as labor reserved for the poor are effectively done by machine replacements. The members of this society will acquire most traits we see as positive: intelligence, creativity, charisma, etc., but still retain a sense of individualism. The quality of life will finally overshadow the quantity of it.

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