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How does...


This crapfest of a blog was inspired by a combination of SJG's "I'm so..." blog and my current negative state of mind...enjoy. Yay negativity!!!

How does a person stare atrocity in the face and turn a blind eye?

How does someone get divorced and not be scarred for life?

How does Deunan manage to write such crappy blogs?

How does an insane person know they are insane?

How does my ex wife go a week without returning my calls?

How does a man bring his kids up properly in this fucked up senseless world?

How does an employer live with himself after laying off people with families just so he can put a few extra dollars in his pocket?

How does the future of our country look to you?

How does the future of our species look to you for that matter?

How does Nova999 even know how to turn on his computer?

How does Deunan make it through the rest of this day without committing murder?

How does this blog make you feel?



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