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Ahhhh this is bugging me!


Does ANYONE remember those stuffed animal cats they used to have for kids a long time ago with the ball inside the cat's head and when you moved it around it sounded like it was purring??

I was going to make my own personal gallery of old shit that I remembered as a kid (yeah, I'm so copying the "A Trip Down Memory Lane" gallery, only as my own). And this shit is bothering me.

Also, there was those bodysuits...the ones that were like a bathing suit that snapped at the crotch and you wore pants with them.

And those nasty leggings that had the strap that goes under the feet.

Anyone remember any of those names? I refuse to go to sleep til I know (and don't fuck with me either...I need my sleep)

killerisme107 Uploaded 09/03/2010
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