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All I think about is smoking weeed and drinking .. Not beer (eww)..I want some pinapple Smirnoff (vodka ) on the rocks with a little pink fucking umbrella and I would love to be surrounded by some dick. Its been 3 months since I fucking had fun.. I havent went to any clubs or kickbacks I barely talk to anyone except my fagit family  and I m sooo fucking pissed .. I m BORED. All I do all day is play on my Stupid computer and watch movies from the red box and we dont even have cable for god sakes and Im sooo  fucking bored and blogging is for losers and I hate bloging but im bloging im soo bored im i want to kill myself im sooo bored . my life is boreing i hate it.. and now im sad.

angie111 Uploaded 09/11/2010
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Tags: bored


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