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   Long time ago, I was walking down mah street, and i needed to fuck real bad- like.

   I noticed this bitch, kinda lookin' at me sideways an whatnot, so i clocked her in the side of her ugly fuckin stump.

   Dragged her to my cave and tried to fuck the bitch, but she wouldn't get wet, so I took a wet dump in her snatch.

   Fucked her for a while, dumped my load, and left her there and never went back.

   This afternoon, while i was lecturing my stupid group of fucking morons on the fine art of customer service, I thought about her. First time in like 28 years.

   I thouyght 'jesus, i hope nobody ever found that fucking cave.'

   So where's the single bitches on this bitch?

   Any canadian women on here? Them bitches fuckin KRAZEE!

   Alright, I'm out, friends. Heil Hitler, and all that good shit.

   Like what you see here? I'm trying to break a record for friends on this bitch. Friend me. Oh, and I want points like a motherfuckah. And what the motherfuck are fucking ebones?

   I hope this place ain't as fucking gay as it looks.


filthyanimal Uploaded 09/16/2010
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