Its been awhile

Damn its been awhile since i have wrote a shitty blog again. School has been pretty good for the most part other than fucking algebra 2(I hate math Dammit), anyways i have not smoked weed for several months now and am trying to stop cigs but that is so much harder. I have noticed there has been some new trolls around here that even give me a bad name....Angie111 or something like that all i have to say to you is your a dumb slut and you should just give up on life. Also the miners are almost out of that mine if you have been watching the news so thats pretty badass, and its good that the oil shit is done leaking. well thats about all i have to write for now so im expecting my old amigos to leave me some comments about my grammer and lack of knowledge, oh and angie dont be a slut and leave me a dirty comment cause you will just come off as stupid to me.

Uploaded 09/20/2010
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