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i learned something tonight?


   So i was eating dinner and i got doen and i was gonna go have a smoke but i decided to do the dishes first because i knew that if i didnt they wouldn't get dona nd shit, so why wait.

   So im doing the dishes and i squirt a little bit of joy detergent on to the plate im washing, and i realized it like erased the grease in a straight line and i started wondering How the fuck di d they invent dish soap and wjat not? I mean yeah, you think its just fucking dishsoap but di you invent that shit? nop you didnt thats right.

   And then also, howcome when you use the sponge and get some greasy nasty shit off a plate or a pan, it like sticks to the sponge, but the minute you squeeze it tight that shit leaves? its like the sponge is alive, and wgen you squeeze that shit its like saying to the sponge Clean Up Bitch.

   I dont know, I think its pretty cool and scientific and what not.


filthyanimal Uploaded 09/22/2010
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