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Life has a way...


...of making you smile when you really, really NEED to. Even though that smile came at the expense of another human being. Yeah I know, I'm going to hell.

I'm on the porch smoking a cigarette and my upstairs asshole neighbor comes out on the balcony, the conversation went like this...

You know dude, I'm tired of having to close my windows whenever you have a smoke.

Then don't close them.

Dude....fuck you!

Whatever you say

I'm calling the manager.

Go ahead, we've been down that road before.

I can call the cops.

Go ahead.

He then storms off and I can hear him bitching about me to his girlfriend. Normally when I bar-b-q I have the courtesy to move it out into the yard so I don't fill his apartment with smoke. Not tonight motherfucker!

What produces the most smoke? Chicken,pork,fish or beef? And I also plan on chain-smoking a carton of cigarettes while I bar-b-q....LMFAO!

Maybe I'll pull out the turkey smoker....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


DeunanKnute Uploaded 09/24/2010
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