Silly Thoughts Episode 2

Well I did it again, I managed to get to that point of consciousness just before falling to sleep and awakeness. When, what seemed to be a perplexing question came to mind.

In last weeks episode of Silly Thoughts, I proved mathematically that the proclamation of "going forth and multiplying" was incorrect. It should be, "go forth and add". So either God got it wrong or the scribes mistranslated God's words.

My new Silly Thought in this episode revolves around the saying, "grab life by the tail". How can this be a good idea? If you ever watched a dog try to grab his tail, he just spins round and round and gets nothing from it. If I grab a dog by the tail he will bite me. A lion would tear me apart. A horse or bull would boot me into the next county. There can come no good from grabbing a tail.

Therefore, never grab life by the tail. Grab it my the balls, at least you can paralyze the beast that way.

Uploaded 09/26/2010
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