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I was suppose to start school today. Actually I was suppose to start school 2 months ago in august but I didnt go today because I was online all night and its 3pm and I never went to sleep .I just lose track of time whenever I go online.. every time I plan on going back I get lazy or I just dont feel like going.. Now im really depressed!! MY LIFE SUXS !! Im over $3000 in dept.! I have bad credit!! I walked out on my job! I dont have any friends! I hate my family! !!! I HATE MY LIFE!! ITS FUCKING 113 DEGREES OUTSIDE!!I HAVE BLACKHEADS AND SPLIT ENDS AND WORST OF ALL I GAINED 10 LBS L AND WHATS EVEN WORST?! I BOUT TO GET UP AN EAT SOME CAKE AND ICECREAM HA!!

angie111 Uploaded 09/27/2010
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Tags: loooser


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