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The long march to communism


The march of Mao-Tse Tung, has taken an Epicurus-style mountain crusade over the fried fervor of mid-Chinese politics. I invite all of the British Citizenry to march up as one, putting a giant blackspot over the British landscape, until the estuaries on the great australian rivers fall through from the pressure above. The Earth will resound for the left list. The manifesto, of which no essay will ever surpass for any political party whatsoever, will read;

a) we must break the stranglehold of advertising fat-cat stuffed suits.

b) Jerk britain away from the old labour beaurocracy of the classes.

c)Patriate all the world via the insignia of the ball pein like hammer, smash the corporatism, smah the greed!Left list will excuriate the right, grown too mainstream, when the mainstream owns it. Blast out the corporate thugs. Amen.

Lolspeak Uploaded 09/28/2010
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