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You know, I used to love I really did. Until I started to see a consistent theme with the site and it's posters. Most people live their lives, go about their business, and try an experience life. If you exclusively listen to cracked, you'd find out that your entire exsistance should be steeped in terror. These motherfuckers are terrified of everything. Every other article is about them btiching and moaning about how scary soemthign is, or why you shouldn't do this, that, or the other thing. It's pathetic. Thier humor also gets used up quickly. I swear to Christ, if I read batshit insane one more time, I'd shit myself with terror. Cracked used to be a funny site, but now? All it is is a bunch of scared morons griping about consipracies, dangerous bugs, batshit, and how terrifiying real life is. Grow a fucking pair you worthless cunts. Oh, and stop using "also" and other bullshit internet meme-language. Also, fuck cracked.

BigGayShlong Uploaded 09/29/2010
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