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my confession


hello everyone. today i'm going to tell you a little secret that only 2 other people know (or should that be knew?) about.


my fellow ebaums bloggers, please don't get angry and shit with me.


the whole my mom is dead thing. it was a lie. do you really think i'd tell all you fucking idiots anything so personal as that? lol and you all think that i'm the dummy.


so all these nice blogs that you feel the need to write that are some way directed at me, really did fall flat on the ground.


ok i await all the you're sick comments or maybe a smart copy/paste from bluenote, followed by him thumbing himself up 3 or 4 times with his alt accounts.


lol i love you guise. so predictable and naive. hhaa ebaums blog writers, you are all leg ends.



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