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TheNaxx vs GF Red Days


* clears dust from keyboard..

Yes, the old red days, rivers of fertility making its way. She starts to gradually change, bit sensitive, then a bit cranky, then all out weird. I have a business trip on tuesday, the eyes just stare at me, going " trip? for 5 days?hmm..." staring at me. I try to ignore those suspicious eyes, but they follow me around. So, i go and sit down, light a bit of weed and tell her to relax, that ill be back soon, that i have no eyes for any chick but her, that ill take it easy, and have just a couple of beers at night, etc. (eyes change from suspicious to straight evil) "couple of beers..." she repeats. "with whom exactly?" I have to take this trip with a small office group, 3 guys, 2 girls, one of them a known office hottie. "uhm, with the group?"  and then..


(had to use this pic again)

The only best part about this days is that when its over, the bio clock goes click and says "lady, you are ready for some action", turning her into a sex goddess. So, bring it on! ill take all the rage those red waves have to give, the prize is at the end of the road.



TheNaxx Uploaded 10/03/2010
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