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Let's Go People

I've heard a lot lately about the semi-newly discovered earth-like planet lately, even on this site.

I've written about this not that long ago:

Everyone seems to be missing the main issue here.  The main issue isn't that it exists, but how do we get there?  What good does it do us just knowing that it exists?  Did Christopher Columbus Land on America and say, "I knew it!  Okay, let's go home."  No!  He went back to Africa, loaded up some more slaves, and killed the natives.  He fucked up two continents at once in the name of another that he obviously didn't give two shits about anymore.  That's what we need to be doing in space.

So get your calculators out, start designing an anti-matter limitless power supply, and get us off this rock.  Because I don't know what the hell they have over there on Gliese 581, but we need it.
poleethman Uploaded 10/08/2010
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