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Im bored and the internet sometimes doesnt give me what I want. I need some REAL action in my life. I NEED LOVE TOO!! as long as there not fat, ugly, old or have aids. And I know I said the guy I met on Myspace is a sico and he is .. But you know Im human I have my needs plus he was an easy target . So I finally told him to come over after about a month of ignoring him and telling him to fuck off. And 10 minutes later he was in the front of my house we drove to the middle of nowhere again, had some boring conversation and made out it was pretty random.. I didnt .. woohoo with him but we made out for like an hour and he kept making a noise that sounded like he was getting tortured while we were making out It was kind of annoying. He tried to take off my bra but he failed. I grabed his balls, he got excited. I called it a day. Went home .went to sleep. And that was that.

angie111 Uploaded 10/15/2010
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