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breast-cancer-ribbon.jpgBoobies!October is Breast Cancer awareness month. This topic is all about awareness and getting women to check their breasts; why arent they targeting men then? Let me elaborate my thought. I try my best to get my man mitts on every boob that comes into my field of vision, as do most men; so doesnt it make sense that I should be educated in knowing what the early detection of breast cancer? As an Asshole I actually care about the long term health of the women in my life and preserving those gorgeous soft sweater pillows for a lifetime of fun.

So why arent we all educated on giving genuine breast exams? Well Im not sure. But I think we should be, all of us women and men. I mean I dont know how too and here I am preaching we all should. Its the least we could do as men, I mean these beautiful women give us the fun pass to brazier town and we cant even take a few minutes once a month to make sure our beloveds are healthy? Well I stands all I can stand and I can't stands no more; I vow to learn how to properly give a proper breast exam; then perform them on any neglected breast I am allowed to put my hands on.

The whole idea I'm presenting is about helping not creating an excuse to grope.

If the key is early detection, which it is actually doing it is key and unfortunately modern human nature tends to make us all neglect things that we should be doing to properly take care of ourselves. So with the exposure Assholes have to breasts I think its only fair and logical we do our share to preserve fun bags by picking up any slack left behind by the busy modern woman's lifestyle.

Ladies I want to stress Im not trying to take any control of your body. Im trying to appeal to men who care enough about the women in their lives to recognize if she is neglecting her own health while taking care of us instead. I think we should do whats best for you and your health, by reminding you to check and if you dont? We will do it for you, possibly saving your life. Why should we? Cause who else is going to get our heart started after we electrocute ourselves after plugging in our erector set or nurse us back to health when we whine about our inevitable oncoming death from the common cold? You will; because beyond all logical thought you love us; and for that, we owe you a squeeze or two.
Boobies+Me.pngThese Are My Boobies


So listen up chump time to do some Googling and I know its going to hard, might even require a fifth grade reading level. But I promise your effort will be rewarded.

Men not interesting enough to have a woman in your life? Well you can still do your part without ending up in lock down for sexual harassment. You can go to my favorite Breast Cancer Awareness Organization;


Donate or Shop.

Our mission is to help eradicate breast cancer by exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection and support. Through art events, educational programs and fundraising efforts, we seek to increase breast cancer awareness among young people so they are better equipped to make choices and develop habits that will benefit their long-term health and well-being. - from

100_4600a+vee2.jpgThese are better Boobies!
Courtesy of Veronica


Ladies not lucky enough to have a wonderful man like Mark Bryan in your life? Do yourself a favor and sign up for twitter and follow @boobiewed

A bunch crazy twitter chicks, having fun making a difference. Your weekly reminder for monthly self exams. Add #boobiewed to your Tweets. - From the Boobie Wednesday Twitter profile. Check out their website Here


In closing the fact of the matter is, it doesnt matter who is squeezing your breasts as long as somebody anybody is and knows what to look for.

If any ladies or gentlemen out there would like to show your support for the cause here on my website email your photos to me Here Then I will post them in the gallery  'Squeeze a Boob - Save a Life' to display year round to remind men and women a like to Squeeze A Boob-Save A Life. Please keep the photos creative and R rated at the very most. Please and Thank you.

steve-brule.jpgIm Dr. Steve Brule - For Your Health!

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