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Hell the ultimate child abuse


We are supposedly in the "age of reason" right? We know the effects of physical and mental abuse towards children. And we do our best as a nation and world to stop it, atleast in places where logic rules. My thoughts on telling a child that he or she will go to hell if they don't believe in god, is psychological torture, and should be ruled as child abuse. Now i've let go of many instences where the seperation of chirch and state has been ruled out (e.g. god being in the pledge) I've let them go because it doesnt hurt anyone. Of course to really seperate church and state, god shouldnt be in the white house at all, or mentioned all the time when not everyone believes. But i have let that go. But telling a kid if they dont do this, or that, then they will suffer eternally is just plain torture.
nephilim_666 Uploaded 10/18/2010
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