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Is Shoutwire Dead????

The site on the news feed from Torrentspy.  The site that piggybacked pirate downloads.  I have been trying to log on for over 2 weeks.  Alas I think it is finally done.
Ahhhhhh.  The history though.  From the flaming of Gryphon the Jew to Bebi's titteh video.  We had many a time there.  Much of it is erased now though.  It was a small corrupt site whose owners could not see the artistic value of it all.  People pored out their hearts there, and in the comments more blood was spilled.
Zero got jailed because of visiting the sit since his wife got a PPO on him.  His wife got attacked for the bitch she was once people found out.  Either way though, he shouldn't have kicked her poodle.
In the aftermath everyone congragated to , a site where socialism is the name of the day.  It was never the same though.  Probably never will be.
Anyway.  Now is the time for the truth of to come out.  I will be shamelessly telling all the sorrid stories aboot that vile sit here.  So stay tuned my friends.  STAY TUNED.
Nova999 Uploaded 10/19/2010
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