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I know guys, spam sucks....

So i just spent 45 minutes deleting 2 pages of spam blogs, and it sucks.   So i decided i would ask you guys for help.  Obviously  the mod's aren't on 24/7 but i am on a good bit, so if you see my name on meebo, and some one starts spamming hit me up so i can deal with it as it starts.  I'd much rather handle it and delete 4, or 5 blogs versus 40 at 4 a.m. 

if you dont see me / aren't on my meebo, send me a PM or shoot me an email @

*Alternatively you can notify PepperPeanut , NyYank257, or MemphisT56 *

So lets team up and send these faceless spamming douchebags  packing.

UsedCarMan Uploaded 10/22/2010
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