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Three monkeys


"Sometimes it is wise to be like the three monkeys. I see nothing. I hear nothing. I say nothing.
Unfortunately, for them and all of mankind that survival technique will be the cause of their demise."

But I'm not like one of those monkeys.  If I see or hear ignorance or wanton stupidity, I HAVE to say something.


Nobody in the scientific community is debating whether or not carbon dioxide traps infrared radiation (heat) in the atmosphere.


Nobody is debating that we've gone from .035% of our atmosphere being carbon dioxide to .0388% in just the last ten years.


Nobody is debating that we're trying to return 300,000,000 years of stored carbon to the atmosphere in several decades.


Nobody is debating that if we increase the temperature of the planet, we increase the amount of water vapor (a better greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere.


I understand the appeal of telling yourself that there's nothing to worry about and people are being alarmist.  It would be great to be willfully ignorant.

tomlet Uploaded 10/26/2010
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