Bombs Away

At 1:15 AP announces unusual devices were found. They appear to be print cartridges with wires. It was determined that the device DID NOT contain explosives.

In the next  video at 2:12 on the same site Obama states the packages DO CONTAIN EXPLOSIVE MATERIALS.

So, did Obama lie? Was he incorrectly breifed? Is this the beginning of a false flag operation?

Now I know there are people like Kissinger and the American military complex who would love to go into Yemen looking for Al Quaida  leaders, not a new idea going to countries looking for the boogie man. Those bastard Yemenese have been selling oil using currencies other than US Dollars. Those contemptuous bastards! How dare they practice free market transactions without the US Dollar. Their actions will again place downward pressure on the buck that God himself created, it says it right on the bills, (In God WE Trust).

Did I also hear Canadian jet fighters escorted a plane to Minnesota? I don't mind and I'm glad we helped, just seems a little odd to me.

Uploaded 10/29/2010
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